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Sneak Peak!

Here is a little sneak peek at my current work in progress! After so much blood, sweat, and tears - oh the tears! - I am finally ready to share a snippet of Gaia! Please feel free to tell me what you think!



Lilith was thrown into the stone wall behind her, the officer pressing the side of his arm into her neck. Grappling at his arm, Lilith struggled to break free, her pulse ringing in her ears. She tried to scream but nothing but a gasp came out. And the more she struggled, the harder he pushed against her until his body pressed against hers, pinning her in place. It was impossible for her to fight back. How could she be so careless, allowing the military to corner her in an alley? 

She promised Dante she would be home before sunset. Looking at the sky now, the sun had already fallen behind the tall city buildings. Before long the streets would be shrouded in darkness. 

“I’m going to take great pleasure in killing you and your kind. Fucking abominations. Mutants!” A sharp pain radiated from Lilith’s abdomen as the soldier’s dagger grazed between 2 ribs. She let out a breathy cry. “Once I’m through with you, I’ll hang your body in the Common for all to see you for what you really are-” Another stab of pain. “-a freak.” 

He hissed, enjoying her cries as his blade drove deeper and deeper each time. Lilith’s blood began to pool at her feet. It wasn’t her fault she was different, it’s not like she chose this life. If she could have it her way, she would be buried in the ground next to her husband. But no. She was cursed. Cursed with a life with no foreseeable end – at least not one anytime soon. 

Lilith’s head shot back, smacking against the concrete wall as another stab was added to the collection. And then another. And another. The pain was constant and excruciating. Until, suddenly, it was gone. Unable to hold her own weight, Lilith slumped forward. The world that she once knew disappeared behind the lids of her eyes. The last thing she saw was a large, black bird swoop down behind the guards, feathers obscuring her view before she blacked out.