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The Time is Finally  Here...

Cover Art Reveal

For any aspiring authors, Reedsy is an incredibly useful site. You can find editors, ghostwriters, web designers, marketing experts, and artists in one place. You will no longer need to spend hours scouring the internet trying to find legitimate professionals without breaking the bank.



This site helped me find Hampton Lamoureux, a fantastic designer with experience Fiction and Non-fiction as well as Social Media Assets, Print Promotional Materials, Author Branding and Website Design. 


What made Hampton stick out to me was his style and experience working with dystopian fiction and fantasy. I felt his style captured what I had in mind for Gaia. His professionalism was astounding. Before even discussing price, Hampton took the time to understand my story and what my vision was for it. He listened to my ideas and incorporated them into the design.


The quality of his work blew me away. I am astounded at how detailed the final product is and how patient he was when I requested changes.

He managed to capture the sheer size of the crystal and the magical feel of Gaia. Even if the story is dark and gruesome, it is still a fantasy novel. 



I encourage all who are interested to check out Hampton here

This post was not sponsored by Reedsy or Hampton Lamoureux.