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My Books



Genocide. War. And the second Apocalypse.


Twins Lilith and Dante are Highborn - a race of humans blessed, or cursed, with divine power. And the world hates them because of it. Lingering feelings from a war long passed has driven the twins, and others like them, into hiding.


Lilith and Dante have made a name for themselves as infamous thieves and swindlers, stealing from prestigious Aristocrats all across Faermma. But when a heist goes wrong and tragedy strikes, the twins are thrown down a treacherous path.


Driven by revenge, they travel through the Forbidden Forest where The Calamity patiently awaits their return. The twins must decide if they should continue to run from fate or face their problems head-on.


Will they be the heroes the world desperately needs them to be? Or will the merciless soldiers of the Crimson Army claim two more victims in their quest for world domination?