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About Me

My writing journey (like most of us, let’s be honest) started when I was in Elementary school. It was around this time  I realized I loved to write. I loved putting my thoughts into words creating a world unlike any other – well, sort of. You see, I started out writing Fan Fictions. I would put create sub-stories within the pre-existing world and come up with something new.


I became more serious about my writing in middle school and started publishing my Fan Fictions to The feedback people gave me just drove me to write even more! It was like I was on this high I never wanted to come down from. But life gets in the way and something made me stop. Maybe it was some bad criticism 13-year-old Jess took wrong or a boy that didn’t have the same drive as I did.


Regardless of the reason, I ended up taking a few years off and started perusing other dreams. First, I took up singing; I did that until I was in High School, but I wasn’t as good as everyone else - and to be honest, some of them were a bit too much for me. Singing all day every day. Reciting musicals verbatim. I wasn’t about that life. So, I ditched that dream for ones like being a professional artist, makeup artists, pianist, camp counselor, nurse or a teacher. I just kept running into the same issues, though. Nothing seemed to satisfy that itch. I thought maybe my passion for video games would be the perfect path to go down.


I went to Bristol Community College and majored in Video Game design with the concentration on programming (I wanted to keep my options open). It was fun - until I realized programming was incredibly difficult. It was like my brain shut itself off during class. Anything the teacher said would go in one ear and out the other. I would look at the code and say a little prayer to myself (mind you I’m not a religious person) before starting an assignment. I had convinced myself this was how I got out of my dead-end job and this was what would make me happy.


In 2016 I took a level design class that had us create the concept for a video game. We had to go into detail on the world, characters, the conflict and just about everything you could think of. While doing this project, a fire lit inside of me. I was filled with so much excitement for the class to see my idea for this game that I spent all night on it. We had 5 minutes to present our game design, a time limit that most of the class had trouble meeting. I had the opposite problem. My 5-minute lecture turned into 15 minutes.


If you know me personally you know that my fear of speaking in front of large groups prevents me from doing a lot of things. So the idea of me willingly standing in front of a class of 30 people for 15 minutes, shocked my friends and family. Most of all, it shocked me. I had a serious talk with myself on the car ride home.


To sum up that conversation – I dropped out of college after 3 years and decided to become an author instead. That game idea is the basis of Gaea, my debut novel.


It is my dream to publish this book so you all can experience what I did that day. The joy I felt telling this story to those 30 people.


In the end, I’m just an ordinary girl trying to get out of the horrors of retail and actually do something with my life that makes me genuinely happy.


I know this was kind of long but if you made it this far, thank you!


Any questions or comments please feel free to contact me through the Contact Me Page or press the link below!